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Scarlett Johansson’s Psycho V Cover of the Day

I already posted the Kate Moss / Rihanna photoshoot from V Magazine ….and here I was thinking that was the highlight of my day or at least of the issue..you know cramming two totally irrelevant girls I like more than they like me…even though I ultimately don’t give a fuck about them in any fucking way, shape or form…I mean other than looking at pics of them and their way, shape or form…cuz looking at pics is better than having to deal with their personality flaws…

But apparently…the real hightlight of the magazine…is our favorite chubby, overrated and now old, actress who somehow tricked people into thinking she was Old Hollywood Glam…when really she was just boring and liked eating burgers….who is now in some Hitchcock shit…and in promoting that…doin’ some Hitchcock themed covers…and as a fan of Hitchcock…shit works perfectly alright for me….not to mention she’s showing some cleavage…which is better than her showing her gutter tattoo ….

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  • Whoever wrote this article should die. Overuse of ellipses and ‘cuz’ – someone should honestly be out of a job.