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Alexa Vega Bikini Twitpic for Machete Kills of the Day

I don’t know what Machete Kills is…and I am not gonna bother looking it up….and you know what….I don’t know what Alexa Vega is and I am not gonna bother looking it up…because what I can tell by this pic is that she’s got great tits….but more importantly…that this is some nerd shit…and anyone who cares to look at this…probably already know her fucking specs…her life story and more importantly have her face stapled to their pillow case so they can wake up to her…you know the kind of weirdo you’d expect to stay a virgin…and who probably won’t let you down…..

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  • fito

    Its the girl from Spy Kids. She came out in all the Spy Kids movies because she played the sister of the boy spy kid.

  • Jstyle

    Those r some tasty looking boobies.