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Amanda Seyfried Boring Vanity Fair December 2012 of the Day

Amanda Seyfried is generally a boring as fuck actress who has not played the media in an interesting way at all…if anything she’s been dumpy, boring, off the radar and almost fucking useless….and the only redeeming quality she has…which is actually I quality I love and respect…is that she gets naked in movies…so she’ll film a Disney pile of shit for money one month…then a pornstar lesbian killer in another….and that kind of attitude..is one I’d like to cum all over my belly for….it’s just too bad she hasn’t done that in her everyday life….

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  • AntAttack

    I’d love to have sexual intercourse with her

  • roscoe

    Dumpy? You spend too much time looking at the deformed and anorexic Victoria’s secret models to know what an attractive woman looks like.

  • cowbulls

    She doesn’t have a great ass but she has a serviceable ass so I would throw her my bone.