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Khloe Kardashian Nipple For X-Factor of the Day

This is an unfortunate state of affairs….Khloe Kardashian has nipples which imply that she may be able to breast feed the animals she pumps out of her monster uterus….her dad…OJ Simpson would be proud….

Unless she’s not wearing a bra…cuz she’s a dude…as her shoulders would suggest…

And the real issue in all this monster shit…is why the fuck is she hosting prime time TV

There is something wrong with the world…as there is something wrong with this girl’s genetics…as there is something wrong with the fact it turns you on…

She’s a Kardashian (legally) so primetime porn is kinda their thing.

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  • shitdick

    this fucking shit is a week old. Fuck you for even posting this shit.

  • AntAttack

    Leave him alone you cunt!

  • FunKiller

    Who cares about seeing a wookie nipple?

  • Chuck

    It had to be the one FUGLY sister! This girl looks like a nasty drag queen!

  • Chuck