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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Split Memorial Video of the Day

It is the end of the fucking world…

So in great tragedies…at least in terms of staged relationships between homosexual boy toys and the Disney girls who want to ride their coat tails….Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up and it is official….

I know you probably heard rumors of this last week, because Selena Gomez was seen with another dude and Justin wrote “single” on twitter or some shit…but it wasn’t until yesterday that the mainstream media picked it up and everyone decided to talk about it like it fucking matters…

That alone is everything that is wrong with the world today….so I decided to make a memorial video to mock this celebrity relationship obsessions…you are all a bunch of pawns buying into the bullshit trap getting brain washed instead of uprising me….

So let’s make a bigger deal about idiots who are a big deal all cuz you made them a big deal…when the big deals should be shit that is actually relevant, important…and that matter… not twink tabloid fodder of idiots who probably never banged….for obvious reasons like they were never in the same room together….they only hung out a dozen times for the paparazzi…cuz the whole thing is marketing bullshit.

But then again…I am the one who made a tribute video documenting their fake love…reminding me that the real problem…is me….

I am ready for both of these pawns, especially the Ellen looking Usher Fucker one….to fall off like typical child stars – cuz that’s when things get semi interesting….that or the sex tape directed by Usher…

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