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Kelly Kelly is Barbie Blank’s Hot Ass for Instagram of the Day

The rebrand of WWF starlet Kelly Kelly who has broke up with the WWF but who doesn’t own her WWF name…continues in a fucking amazing way….by telling us that “hey you may not no who the fuck Barbie Blank is, but she’s me and she’s got a great fucking ass, and she’s willing to expose it for attention, while people are still paying attention, because she has no idea that the WWF was the biggest fucking thing of her life, and that it is all downhill from here, but at least she’s trying”….I just can’t wait for the nudes, playboy shoot and whatever else comes from being an ex wrestling star…like banging George Clooney….and doing Dancing with the Stars…but far less classy…cuz Kelly Kelly is a stripper compared to the elegant Keibler before her….and that’s why we like her better.

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