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Selena Gomez Smiling Calm After the Storm of the Day

We had a crisis yesterday when mainstream media reported the Bieber/Gomez spilt…..So I expressed myself with a Memorial Video …..then we were taken on a MEDIA BLITZ roller coaster where they reported Bieber was banging Barbara Palvin the lingerie/bikini model for Victoria’s Secret…..then they said they were back together…and I rejoiced….by making a celebration video of their love to express that joy…..even though I really don’t care about these brats, who they are fucking, when they are fucking, why they are fucking, or if it is all just a marketing campaign….

Even though, if I was Bieber – I’d be fucking low level groupie models who are 18 and just getting a taste of fame…instead of some barely attractive, ego, celebritant twat from Disney….who you know is a whole bag of bullshit spoiled brat behavior that comes with being young, rich with a ton of fans….while groupie models who are 18 and just starting up are way easier to handle…she’s new to it and hasn’t had time to grow into a cunt…and even if she has at least she’s hot bodied….while Gomez…kinda looks like a monkey….even in a hot little dress at the Glamour awards while all the other tweens in their 20s were at the Twilight premiere….I’d rather stare Barbara Palvin in Victoria’s Secret catalog shoot and I hate catalog shoots…..

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