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Helen Hunt Full Frontal Nude Scene in The Sessions of the Day

Helen Hunt is in a new movie about a paralyzed due to Polio poet who is a virgin and decides to hire her to have sex with him…it is called The Sessions, but I call it 40 year old virgin, the Oscar winning edition…

Luckily, like all hookers…or “sex surrogates” as they call her in the movie…she gets naked, shows her old lady hangers…and some bush…cuz I’m guessing if this 40 year old version is paralyzed due to Polio…it takes place in an era before the bikini wax…

The scary thing in all this is that these pics some Pirate took…totally turns me on….

I blame Mad About You circa 1994….or maybe I blame the fact that Helen Hunt Has got bush..cuz bush is dead with today’s youth…but as an old as fuck dude…I Remember…I’ll Never Forget…

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  • cowbulls

    I’m a member of the generation of men that wanted to bang Helen because she looked so wholesome. I’d like to part her forest and mine for pearls.

  • Travis

    This is just…ugh…although she really looks pretty good for her age.
    But it’s Helen Hunt! Full-frontal is the last thing I ever expected from her.