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Constance Jablonski Bikinis for Vogue Brazil of the Day

Constance Jablonski is some model who is 21, from France, and poses topless, which is conveniently considered wearing a shirt, or at least being dressed decent, in France, because France has it all figured out…from wine and cheese, to titties to bush…it makes me wonder why I’m not frenching a french who is so sexually liberated and free that we have anal on the first date…but then I remember it is because I married a french woman…who may not be from France..but who is the gutter, Canadian, descendent of France…who has lost any sense of eroticim, elegance, but has maintained their love of food….right into her XXL stretch pants….but at least I have constant pics of Constance…to remind me of all that I don’t have…it helps keep moral down and me inspired to hate on all things wonderful….

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