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Lindsay Lohan’s Funny Face for Fake Legal Issues That May End Up in Jail of the Day

I wish this Lindsay Lohan lawsuit shit was a hell of a lot more erotic…but instead shit is just weird….even depressing…and I figure if I want a convict to masturbate to…I might as well just hire one off the street who is way less maintenance than this white collar crime bullshit…I like my unstable women a little less hollywood and a lot more down on their fucking luck to find their next hit…not to order their next meal at their 5 star hotel’s room service.

Lohan coulda been saved…but I am pretty sure – she’s fallen off so hard she can’t get back up…ever….all while wasting the tax payers money with spoiled brat bullshit.

But I’ll still believe there’s hope cuz I am a Lohan believer….and I know like a phoenix she will rise from the ashes and win an academy award…that or die of an overdose alone in her hotel room…either way…I mourn her or at least what she was…..

This is just a cry for media attention…and I’m buying into it – cuz I have a crush on her.

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  • LolleyGagger

    What! no FIN
    Yeah Lindsay gives good side-boob