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RonysPhotobooth Covers Selena Gomez Adidas Event for DrunkenStepfather of the Day

Arguably the best photographer in LA…if not the world, RonysPhotobooth ….a
good friend of ours here at DrunkenStepfather…despite our constant teasing of his friends….

Well he sent one of his crew to a media event DrunkenStepfather was finally invited to…and not only showed up to…but brought the best fucking photographers in the city to….because we may be ghetto, but we’re fucking awesome….

I feel kinda bad that everyone went to the trouble to go to this announcement…that Selena Gomez just signed a 3 year deal as guest designer for Adidas…..

I was hoping the event, that we weren’t given much info about, was going to be for a crotchless panty collection….not that Beiber is out of the picture and she can finally have sex…

Either way, thanks to the crew at RonysPhotobooth for being so lovely….and I’m looking forward to more fun times like these…even if they weren’t fun for anyone involved….

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  • Nice! Moving up in this world. Pic are nice, too.

  • shitdick

    This is TMZ level shit. A party to announce this manufactured star is going to design clothes for Adidas for 3 fucking years? tits of STFU. Only fags care about fashion.