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Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner in the Same Picture of the Day

Here is a picture that I like to think got leaked against Kim Kardashian’s will…because her half sister…has everything Kim Kardashian probably wishes she has…and you know Kim Kardashian sits there angry as fuck that this little bitch is milking off her fame…and doing a better job of it, with more loyal fans, without a porn career and most importantly without being a fat, dumpy, hairy, troll of a woman…It is the kind of thing you would think families would fight and break up over…you know never talk to each other again….except the young one is the fat one’s retirement plan..and the fat one gets a percentage of her earnings…and that’s why the fat one promotes her…but you know even with the money…and the promise of another 10 years of Kardashians thanks to the young one…the fat one can’t fucking stand her….or at least being in pics with her…where you see how short and dumpy and old she is in comparison….it’s best to keep them in separate pics…at least for Kim Kardashian…cuz you can really see her flaws when shit like this is dropped…flaws…i hope the world sees.

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  • Rosarch

    Kendall is about 11 billion times hotter than Kim and most women on the planet. Kim must want to kill her. The things I would do for a piece of her sweet ass.

  • cowbulls

    You can have my share of Kendall. I’d rather have Kim before she became a cum bucket for all the black trash that has spurted all over and in her. Now I’d pass on both.