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Rosie Jones Topless in Mexico of the Day

It’s black Friday…so why are you on your computer..unless you are too poor to shop even on cheapy friday….in too shit a job to get the day off…too rich to care for the savings…too uninterested to be amongst idiots rioting for 100 dollars off a TV….or unless you are reading this from the computer display counter at Best Buy that you waited 13 hours to get to…which I doubt cuz my site is blocked at best buy….and all other major retailers – cuz they are pussies….no matter why you are here….you’re living a pretty shitty life…staring at girls with huge tits who aren’t living a shitty life..on vacation in Mexico…beachin’ out topless…..cuz they have fucking won at life all for showing their tits – and as far as I’m concerned – that’s a valid life lesson you should all take home with you this glorious holiday season.

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