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Simona Levenok Strategic Nudity for Fashion of the Day

It’s black Friday and instead of wrestling poor people to save 30% off electronics…I’m talking ripping out throats for ipod at a discount bargain basement all time low pre-Christmas price…cuz Boxing day is too far away…I am staring at some model from Russia who no one has ever heard of…and who, like all other post communist Russia babies is far less interesting now that Russia isn’t communist and there is no iron curtain….knowing that she didn’t have to travel through Siberia to escape….eating mice and ice to survive the freezing mountain adventure….only to be discovered by a modeling agency when arriving to America on a cargo ship….cuz those stories are more fun….not to mention if she was one of those Communist escapees…these pics would involve way more labia….the new Russians are way too soft for my liking.

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