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Christina Milian Lookin’ Alright for Bello Magazine of the Day

Christina Milian is my kind of mom….one who understands the importance of bouncing back into shape after having a kid…because no one..especially in her line of work…wants to see or hire a chunky mom…except maybe Weight Watchers….at least that’s what Jessica Simspon has taught us….

Seeing her posing with her big ol’ mom tits like this was pre-birth…back when she was just a poptart with a dream to get knocked up by a huge rapper and producer behind such hits as Justin Bieber…inspires….at least one person….who really really like Christina Milian….

Unfortunately, that person isn’t me…but I’ll post the pics anyway…I got nothing better to do.

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  • johnken

    i love u milian yo gorgeous baby!

  • Are very beautiful woman I really don’t know who she is, however very striking features.