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Lindsay Lohan Gets Arrested of the Day

Lohan was at Club Avenue when she got into some sort of argument with a female patron and it became physical. We’re told cops came and arrested Lindsay for allegedly assaulting her

Here is the pic of the girl Lohan went nuts on…because Lohan is nuts…

I don’t see much damage but I am sure it is there…and that’s just what crazy people do…all that pent up aggression of people mocking her when she really believed she was gonna prove herself with her last job..only to realize her producers, directors and all the people who suck her dick lied to her….humiliated her…and made a mockery out of her.,….

She’s a mess, she’s fallen off, it is a tragedy, cuz I coulda saved her..but she didn’t believe when we spent that night in a hotel together…and that’s an even bigger tragedy…

Crazy girl…I still believe….in you and your chins ability to win an oscar…

This kind of behavior is pretty obvious…

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  • Joe

    Stupid bitch !
    Lindsay should know New York City cops don’t give a shit about celebrity’s nor put up with ANY of this bullshit like that useless asshole PDs and liberal judges do in Lala-fornia.

    In NYC they jail you and “at best” put you in a striped orange jumper picking up garbage and sweeping streets for at least week just for being an asshole –Let alone punching sombody and running !!

    She’s going to learn a new way to clean her red carpet and is not going to like it !

  • Mark

    I like how u always bring up that one night in the hotel.. Haha