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Eva Longoria In GQ Mexcio of the Day

I am gonna assume that these pics from GQ Mexico are recycled, like these massive magazines often do with their photoshoots, to maximize spending 100,000 dollars on a photoshoot, by sending it to different magazines in different languages, in different months with the same fucking pictures…and I am not just assuming that cuz that’s what all the second tier markets get stuck with…I am assuming it cuz Eva Longoria is actually a Mexican…her parents fucking raft and border tunneled it….and she was raised to become the whitest fucking mexican in the history of Mexicans…the kind of Mexican who likely hires Mexican slaves and doesn’t speak spanish to said Mexicans cuz she’s all Hollywood and too good to be Mexican….white dreams, self hatred, all things that you wouldn’t think include flying to Mexico to do Mexican photoshoots for Mexican franchises of American Magazines….even if she’s got nothing better to do.

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  • Donaldo Gomez

    Que mamalon mas puto!! Que huevos traes!!
    Su tema de autoestimacion revele mucho. La Eva dates Latino men, speaks spanish well,and advoates for our raza in various capacities. Her work on behalf of the president was dignified and well executed. Had the pleasure to hear her speak in Florida.
    I have been in television and film since the early 70’s,my sister is the only Latina to ever write for Life Magazine.We are a proud family of mixed roots.The grandchildren still speak good spanish
    How dare you lauch such a punk-ass 70;s style denuncia of a woman who brings dignity and class to our people. The self-hatred you display is something out of a Diaz novel.
    My kids studied in Mexico,Honduras,
    Nicaragua and Chile where they were involved with NGO’s at pueblo level.My son takes medical supplies to Cuba and Chiapas and we can not figure out your coraje against a good Mejicana who is a role model to emulate.