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Heidi Montag is Still Staging Bikini Pics of the Day

Heidi Montag has climbed out of rock bottom….a place where no one gives a fuck about her….and has managed to get the attention of one photographer or photo agency willing to notice her in a bikini and put out the pics of her like she still matters…a move that will in fact make her hit even deeper rock bottom when she realizes that no one fucking does….so the life lesson is if a reality star who sold her soul and identity to the devil falls off the radar after the show was cancelled and she lost her mind….hits the beach in the bikini for a paparazzi she hired cuz they don’t want to waste resources taking pics of her….does she make a fucking sound….I don’t have the answer..but whatever it is sounds like fucking drowning….next stop…porn!


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  • shitdick

    and you are still buying and posting them, like a fucking hack. Why post about this cunt? She dissipated just like the world wanted her too. Don’t give her any publicity. Let this bitch die already jesus fucking christ. RAISE THE FUCKING BAR A GOD DAM NOTCH!

  • cowbulls

    Let’s add this up. She’s a conservative woman that doesn’t bore us with her liberal crap opinions. She will do anything to make herself more sexually attractive and her surgeons have done an excellent job. That usually means she will do anything sexually. She’s just got to be tight because that little troll husband of hers couldn’t deflower a bic pen. I say she’s damn near perfect.