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Rihanna Posts Chris Brown Pic of the Day

I don’t even think Chris Brown beat Rihanna in the first place…I think it was all a marketing spin…that was blown out of control the way they wanted it to be blown so that she became the huge fucking star she became…I feel like Chris Brown gets a percentage of sales and was into it…that or she beat herself up, pressed charges, when all heated like crazy girls have been known to do and now feels like a cunt for fucking his shit up the last few years with everyone thinking he beats women….so that she came out on top….

So unlike the general population, I don’t care that she’s posting pics of him saying “don’t leave my emotionally co-dependent, crazy fucking girl cuz all girls are crazy” side….I just figure it’s business strategy…or broken girl trying to find love strategy…but I don’t think Chris Brown is an abuser and if he was I don’t think Rihanna would be mocking the public with pics of him and her as she is right here….all these to say…why the fuck am I giving Rihanna relationship analysis…I’m not the love doctor…I just wanna stare at that ass…like I was this girl….

We all know this is gonna end in babies everywhere…..so stop talking about it.

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  • shitdick

    it would be nice if you went one day without posting about this overrated tree climber. Apply that moniker to either of these two assholes.

  • expletivebmp

    Rhianna and Chris Brown back together snuggling as only tragic affair types can. Love as crude as theirs breeds flame like passion that stumbles ever so quickly into ferocity that eventually decimates all. Know full well we do that next time Chris just won’t pound her face into beef patties, or bite her flesh so un-twilight like. No hickies or love nibbles or any love or joy, no friends, horribly, tragically, the next time around, Chris will either obliterate this fair lass or she, shall obliterate him. There are people who deny what they are until the hammer strikes and innocence is lost. We are victims, and monsters, and saints, and demons, and until we fully appreciate exactly what we are as people, we shall forever continually slide into uncivilized behavior. Animals, aren’t we all.