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Kate Upton Gets Peed On While Topless of the Day

Topless Kate Upton in some pictures that remind me of Kate Upton getting peed on by a large animal…like a horse…with a steady stream…are pictures of Kate Upton that are totally worth lookin’ at…even if the shoot was from the past…and even if you’ve seen these pictures before…because peeing on girls is always fucking funny…especially when they are fat girls…

Honestly seeing Kate Upton topless is a lot more fun than seeing her doing what she’s actually talented at….an actual expert in…something she’s devoted to….and that her heart is in and her body will soon catch up to….eating.

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  • Travis

    The next to last pic really says it all…

  • MissThing

    The miracles of photoshop – she’d be unemployed without it.

  • marcos

    I dont have a problem with the body, but the face, it’s just not good

  • bino

    ive said it once and I will say it again. She has some big mushy floppy titties… I would still hit it though