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Chrissy Teigen Bikini of the Day

You wanna know what I like about Chrissy Teigen ….everything….and I am not just saying that because she’s got a pretty decent body modeling bikinis…if anything… I don’t give a fuck about her bikini modeling…as far as I’m concerned…I’ll masturbate to anything in a bikini…so she could be white, BLASIAN, single, married, I don’t give a fuck…..the real reason I like her is because she doesn’t block me on twitter when I call her a gold digger…she actually encourages me to keep on calling her a gold digger…and someone who can laugh at herself when humoring me…is pretty much perfection…especially when they look like this in a bikini….Unfortunately she’s engaged to John Legend…so I’ll have to wait for the kids and divorce before making my move and tricking her into cooking me dinner like I was her Homie Kate Upton who probably eats all her cooking…cuz as a fat man who likes to eat…her cooking.. THAT I FOLLOW ON THE INTERNET .is more pornographic to me than her bikini jacked up her little model ass…

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