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Chrissy Teigen is a Monster of the Day

Chrissy Teigen has always been an overrated monster to me. In fact she once had her army of idiot fans, I know, she’s actually got an army of idiot fans like some kind of popstar, lash out on me, the site, etc, a year after she told me the site was hilarious and amazing, because she was a drunk….for calling her a sloppy, pug faced monster, who doesn’t deserve to be compared to GOD’s CREATURE the PUG, but that I was using as a reference point of how pudgy, bug eyed and wrinkly her flat face was….I also called her fat, a drunk, who should kill herself, and who at the time hadn’t been knocked up by John Legend, someone who she married before he was really famous, who she invested in and supported, with her fat overrated tits, and that he won’t leave her because she’ll cost too much…and now he’s stuck with an outspoken personality with bad sense of humor…who is fat…

Well, they are on a rich person vacation, and the bikini model who barely was a bikini model to me, despite being one to the world of drones lemmings who buy into anything they are fed, because some pop star is linked to the pussy in the bikini….and she looks more disgusting as ever, but AS disgusting as I always knew she was…and it’s nice to see that I was right as I always am…

A wallet fucker…

Here is John Legend – texting other pussy – because look at what he’s stuck with..

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Chrissy Teigen’s New Face is Less Puggy of the Day


If you read the site, and you don’t, but you may if you’re Chrissy Teigen, because she likes to google herself, it’s good for her ego, and I know this because a bunch of years ago she tweeted at me about how funny she thought I was, which was probably tactics to try to get more posts on her…and a year after that praise that didn’t give me a boner – like it does for other dudes with sites who go crazy when the girls talk to them – because they aren’t used to girls talking to them – and just want girls to talk to them – because they don’t hate any woman who is as vapid as an SI model wallet fucker – they just see tits….while I see all that is wrong with her – and prefer my asian hookers to be less vocal, more subservient and affordable….she went totally nutso on me – and her gang of followers went nuts on me – because I said she was old, fat, pug faced and if she didn’t get knocked up – her wallet she’s fucked and been so loyal to, will pay her off and find younger and hotter pussy – or she could kill herself…because no one would care……

She has since gone onto get pregnant, get a TV show hosting job, leveraging her life as a celebrity wife, which is a huge accomplishment for someone who was booking 3 jobs a year before the pregnancy…she’s more than just strategic with her pussy….or maybe her pussy strategy is why it all worked out…who cares..

She’s in Elle Australia, going international…and she’s got a new face, a less pug face, which for someone who lives by the pug….finds it sad…but makes her look like a better version of her terrible self…so thanks plastic surgery / injections / etc..this mom is better than ever…which biologically makes no sense – but thanks to science and does…

I wonder what the post pregnancy pussy looks like…that’s the before and after I’m more into..not that I’d ever be into Chrissy Teigen, she’s just ever present…like a herpes scab or hermorrhoid that just won’t go away, only more vile and annoying.

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Chrissy Teigen 80s Aerobics For Love Magazine of the Day

Chrissy Teigen is the fucking worst, her husband she wallet fucked is likely gay, their child probably not his…but I doubt she’d fuck that one up, she’s committed to him hard – for the long haul, because she spotted talented before he was super famous – and she knew to invest her energy into him, and it paid off because half of everything of his – which is alot – is hers…and that made for a good lifestyle considering she was only making 50k a year at her peak of being a model, before social media allowed her to get on a TV show…and run her annoying mouth off in different mediums…all while being a chubby busty ethnically obscure pile of shit…

Well, unfortunately, her LOVE MAGAZINE video is the best one they did, her eating junk food working out, not very Christmas, but compared to all their other videos this is the only one that has any substance…and not just her big tits 80s aerobic…but a joke, humor, a purpose, irony, whatever this is and that is so hard for me to accept…or admit…because I hate the Love Magazine campaign this year and Chrissy Teigen is the fucking devil…she is the fucking worst and her fans..who have lashed out at me at least once…are very fucking annoying….not to mention she wasn’t hot pre-baby, and this is post baby..so you’d think she wouldn’t be hot now….but I’m digging it and there is just too much going on in my head to grasp what I am thinking…other than that I want a burger.

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Chrissy Teigen In a One Piece of the Day


Look Chrissy Teigen is a pug faced, monster who has scammed both her husband’s wallet and the mainstream media – that gave her a TV show or at least a job on a TV show because she would whine on Twitter and go off on rants she thought was clever and funny – despite being obnoxious and entitled for a chubby titty chick who’s claim to fame, besides seducing some singer / songwriter / kanye west friend….has been bikini modeling for shit that doesn’t pay her…

I guess this is post pregnancy, which took longer than expected considering the magnitude of how important it is to get knocked up by your wallet as soon as you can so that he doesn’t run away….or his payments don’t…terrible..

I’m not a fan and ignore 99 percent of the things she says, or does, and just laugh from the comfort of my soiled couch….and for some reason these sloppy tit pics made me waste 2 minutes posting them…

Garbage human…but people have tits…

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Chrissy Teigen is a Pig in Women’s Health UK of the Day


This bitch does anything for attention…she’s the fucking worst…pile of useless, uninteresting, unaccomplished, wallet fucking garbage out there…

I don’t hate Chrissy Teigen, she’s loyal to her employer John LEgend, she sits around like a medicated rich wife, and posts shit on twitter while doing it, she’s overly sensitive because she know she’s just a sugar baby, who hasn’t really accomplished much at all, but she’s figured out if she gets naked, people will celebrate her big ethnic ambiguous “bikini model” who probably makes 100 dollars a year, tits….it distracts from her old, botox, filled, pug-like face…

I don’t know why she’s still at this, instead of just getting pregnant and completing the sugar baby cycle…so that when the divorce happens, she gets child support money…but before that, let’s do some shoots that don’t matter, that no one cares about, because this whole world is oversaturated with naked pics, and the world doesn’t fucking even notice….

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Chrissy Teigen Is Probably Hired by Instagram of the Day

Naomie Campbell, John Legend, Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen, the old, bloated, pug faced model who is hardly a model, but who has done some bikini campaigns in order to pretend she was a model long enough to get a talented singer to marry her and give her half of all his stupid music money, like a good overrated gold digging, wallet fucker, who doesn’t think she’s fucking wallets, because she got in early but who is…

I think this is called hooking…

Either way, she’s campaigning against Instagram, probably financed by Instagram, because she feels the need to fight a social media company on their nudity policies, like a social media company is life, or government, or really matter…

Which is why I think she’s being paid by instagram, to make noise about instagram, by posting butt pics of John Legend to prove a point on instagran…

Or she’s really just a misguided idiot, who takes her shitty low level celebrity to make stupid stances on things that don’t matter…like a social media platform…

It’s like just don’t use the shit, tell your friends to not use the shit, updating pics to it…is just backwards…

Or maybe she could just find a more relevant thing to change, like GMOs, animal cruelty, sex trafficking, who gives a fuck…but not a billion dollar bullshit virtual playground…



Remember…she doens’t matter…

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Chrissy Teigen is the Worst Attention Seeking Mom Ever of the Day


Chrissy Teigen is a low rent model…but a top tier sugar baby..the kind of sugar baby all the low rent models aspire to be…because she actually got a famous singer to commit to her…thanks to having a personality, getting in there early, you know before he was super famous, and waiting it out as he fucked groupies, making her come across as a good Loyal woman…with good intentions…who as long as she was fed booze and pills…would stay at the apartment waiitng for the tour to end…

Recently, probably thanks to her pregnancy I assume she secretly had, based on her slopppy fucking body…she’s a bikini model you know… I mean according to Sports Illustrated she is…but I think she’s more a dumpster of a woman who gets in a bikini because it tricks her busy husband to think she’s doing things so that he doesn’t see her as leveraging him to get ahead as a comedy act…who shows her mom nipples…because if it wasn’t for John Legend…she’d probaby be doing porn…or hooking…which some could argue she is…

She’s a hater…so you should hate her…and her nipple that she’s milking for attention, when we’d rather see her mom pussy that she’s milking for money.


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Chirssy Teigen Found Her Stance of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 2.05.24 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 2.05.30 PM

When you’re a useless, unattractive, aging and fat gold digging bitch…

You take whatever platform you can to get attention, even one as basic as fighting for the right to post nipple on Instagran….

Something that has got me and others I know banned from the app, but that for some reason gets some low level, uninteresting, broken down faced, wife of singer press…

I don’t actually hate Chrissy Teigen…in fact I am surprised I know she exists, and that I even know who she is, but I guess with all her chirping…and drunken noise…and maneuvering of the media…like it was John Legend’s wallet…

She’s attacked me on her blog, not that I care, but she called me a rapist…but the fact is that even if I was a rapist…with so much rage and semen built up..and she was the only pig I saw walking down the alley on a night I was on a rape mission…as I assume rapists do…I’d rather jerk off…

So her tit campaign is just stupid, but I like seeing her conform to the rules, because she’s a joke,..in career, and if her campaigning….

Here’s her nude shoot in case you missed it or care… CLICK HERE

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Chrissy Teigen’s Nipples on Instagram of the Day


Chrissy Teigen is an enemy of the site. Not because I am racist, but because she’s an intolerable pile of model shit, that gold dug her way to the good life, that I guess she’s confident enough in, to not lose her Instagram, even though normal people lose their accounts for this shit…

Shes the worst, pug faced, overrated, outspoken…uneducated but smart enough to land a rich singer right before he was super rice….making her look like her intentions are good..

She’s fat, she’s not hot, she’s old and should retire…yet she just keeps on producing garbage…like this, for W Magazine, because magazines are desperate to stay relevant, so why not put a topless sugar baby in the shit, it’s not like she’s working, has ever worked…that’s why she’s so active on twitter…she’s got nothing else to do but drink, medicate, and get uglier and older, fatter, and less interesting as each day goes by….

Her topless isn’t exciting, it’s been done, and wasn’t exciting, then…it’s just sad that she never made it, that she thinks she matters, and that she’s still working at this getting famous thing..

It’s even sadder than execs are blinded by her noise, and think she matters enough to get herself a TV show or in a movie, as you know she will…

This world is predictable, low quality…and here’s a tit that doesn’t matter…on instagram…who I guess think it matters enough…not to delete her…even though they should…because she doesn’t matter…but I guess her husband does and that leveraging will get her out of anything….

I guess she’s tapping into the softcore porn she was destined for…who cares.

Here are other recent throwback nudes that have been released…

CT (7)

To see the Rest CLICK HERE

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Chrissy Teigen Leverages her Husband and Shows her tit in DuJour of the Day


This marrying John Legend before he got massively famous has worked out nicely for Chrissy Teigen. I assume he doesn’t have a prenup with her and that she is in fact entitled to everything he has, or he just really digs her and likes that she dated him before he was famous, back when he was just friends with Kanye, making him believe that she believed in him, and who knows maybe she did inspire him and his career, maybe she knocked on doors and earned her keep, or maybe, just maybe, she milked the fuck out of it for the good life he pays for, since she makes 12 dollars a year modeling, and now she’s leveraging it for her own career, because he’s famous and it helps her be a social media personality people care to listen to, who can pretend she was an ex model/ too pug faced and chubby to be an actual model, but willing to show her tits…because why the fuck not…maybe she’ll get cast on the View…

I consider her an enemy of the site.

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Chrissy Teigen in a Bikini Selfie of the Day


Probably my least favorite of the Sports Illustrated hookers on the hooker train to rich dude wallets…who use the Sports Illustrated magazine as a platform to be hookers to billionaire, not millionaires…is Chrissy Teigen…because she doesn’t just shut up and assume her role as hooker, but instead tries to be interesting, funny, controversial…using her platform of dude who like ethnic gold digging tits on shitty bodies….to promote herself..becauase otherwise she’d have to admit she’s just a wallet fucker…and no girl wants that…especially not hard working models who made 12 dollars last year modeling…

Here she is a bikini…it gives her something to do when she’s not googling herself or trying to be funny…spending John Legend’s money…

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Chrissy Teigen Stretch Marks of the Day


Chrissy Teigen is the fucking worst. I am not just saying that because she targeted me on her blog and called me a rapist..I am saying that because everything about her, from career, to social media comedy, to weird freakouts to her realtionship and marriage is a fucking joke….the only thing I wish wasn’t a joke was when she mentioned her suicidal thoughts…because maybe they’d get the best of her in a drunken, bloated rage…

People in the mainstream, I call them suburbanites, or peasants, are buying into her nonsense..and last night I even saw people celebrating and commedning Chrissy Teigen for being so brave by posting a pic of her stretch marked thighs…likes it is revolutionary to be disgusting…

Girls have stretch marks…and I think it is safe to say based on even her photoshopped pics that this pig faced, pot bellied, obscure ethnicity was imperfect…a photoshop lie…that wasn’t even that great, but good enough to secure her funds by gold digging smart, with a guy right before he got super fucking rich…so that he thinks it’s true love…

She’s high maintenance, high strung, irritating, and shouldn’t even be on anyone’s radar…

So only models because she’s positioned herself properly and her rich as fuck husband likes it for his ego..and she’s just doing this for attention…because she sucks and loves attention…and pparently so do her fat inner thighs.

All this to say…I think she’s got a dick…no, that’s not what I wanted to say….what I wanted to say is stop encouraging her…there is nothing good about this oversharing, look at me “fans”…”it’s like you’re in my room with me as we drink because I have no friends, let’s talk about our insecurities” behavior…it’s the worst.

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Chrissy Teigen Topless Fat Pug Faced Gold Digger Tits for Attention of the Day


Chubby fat role filled Chrissy Teigen, a model who isn’t a model and who has probably made next to no money modeling, decided to get topless and show the world her old fat gold digging tits…because that’s how you stay relevant when you’re a fame whore…seeking attention…otherwise your husband who we all know didn’t sign a pre-nup because she’s a manipulative cow who got in with him early enough and she behaved on the sidelines while he built their wealth with his talent…only for her to fuck off on him as soon as the right opportunity comes along…so that half of everything is hers….maybe it will be after a kid..who knows…I just know she’s not hot and totally overrated…but not really, she’s pretty much a nobody…but don’t tell her that, she’ll blog about it…

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To see a lot more of the pics with Bruce Weber CLICK HERE

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Chrissy Teigen Useless Monster of the Day


Chrissy Teigen has been getting work…which amazes me, because before this year, she was just doing shit for free, but then her husband from a marriage she leverages the fuck out of – because that’s what whores who think they are responsible for 50 percent of his money…do…

So instead of her being a housewife who just lives off her allowance…she puts herself out there as this annoying outspoken social media personality…when not getting botox and fatter and fatter…and people still respond to her in a positive way…

What I would tell the brands that hire her, is that they’d be better off spending the 100k on a Dairy Cow…because it would look better in a bikini, be more viral because who puts a bikini on a cow…other than every SI Swimsuit featuring Kate Upton and the recent LOVE MAGAZINE Kim K shoot…and most importantly…at least the Dairy cow can produce milk….so it serves an actual purpose..rather than just filling up the world with the methane gas farts that come out of the asshole that is her mouth…

To See the Rest of the Pics CLICK HERE

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Chrissy Teigen Tit in GQ of the Day

Enemy of the site, Chrissy Teigen is clever, and I am not just saying that because she tricked a talented musician who was friends with Kanye and bound to be famous, before he was famous, to date her…

She is clever because she’s managed to levarage her Sports Illustrated modelling that reaches the frat boy crowd, to become a funny little social media personality, despite never really being that hot….

She has friended the right editors and nerds and has sucked up to them so they post her shit, like the babe in high school getting these socially awkwards to do her homework…

She’s manipulated everyone around her to thinking there was something special about her, and she’s probably never made a dollar doing it, but who needs money, she covered that early on by marrying John Legend…that dude’s rich…

They did GQ together, because that’s all part of owning your man, and she pulled out her tit and realeased it…because that’s what these breed of girls does..and really…this is one thing about her that I can say with confidence that there’s nothing wrong with…

Either way, she’s full of shit…but this tit was part of that bullshit…the only part of her bullshit I like.

Yes, I posted this pic yesterday and didn’t realize there was nipple. I’m desensitized.

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