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Selena Gomez Bra and Panty Selfie of the Day

In the biggest news in the history of news….that I guess is motivated by being ditched for a lingerie model….Selena Gomez has released to social media…a picture of her taking a self shot underwear pic…like she too is a lingerie model…despite her body screaming that she is anything but a lingerie model….even though people like me encourage all girls, bodies and shapes to be lingerie models….at least in my inbox and on my cell phone…because it helps me with my masturbation…

That said..I like where this is going…even if it’s not as good as a sex tape…it is the right level of falling off for attention…and I mean..it’s Selena Gomez in her bra and panties…that’s a big deal in some circles…so just take it all in, I know it is hard to digest and process you fucking pervert….

I guess it’s possible that this isn’t actual her crying for attention…but a wet pre-shower Gomez leaking this pic makes for a better story….

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  • Shinriko

    I think it is a fake, I don’t see the rather prominent mole on her right breast.

  • Rosarch

    I think it is a fake also. One for the reason above, second she is not like that at all, very conservative and image minded and finally her boobs are way bigger than that.

  • marcos

    Such a fake, her body is blurry but the face looks like it was taken from a magazine pic

  • boltuprite

    Not to mention that there isn’t a history of tattoos.

  • dan

    super fake. selena wouldn’t take a pic like that. also her real breasts are bigger and she doesn’t have a stomach tat. try harder next time

  • Mack

    The image is mostly likely a fake. I first no mole, those I guess you could say it the light, makeup or something making it disappear. Secondly her BOOB are smaller then normal. Third the only tattoo she has is on the back of her neck that for the most part you would never notice cuz of her hair. And fourth I really don’t would post a lingerie. Not to say that I don’t ever think we see one. I don’t think Selena is the type of person who would ever post a pic like this but I do think as she get older and takes more adult role like her “Spring Breakers” movie you will differently see in lingerie.

    Speaking of of Selena new movie Spring Breakers you are getting a new threesome with Vanessa Hudgen but the other girl is Ashley Benson, I mean don’t get me wrong she HOTT and all but it not Selena who differently way HOTTER then Ashley?

  • 33-Tyson Coleman

    Impossible, that image can’t be that real, it looks really fake, I don’t know about their disorderly conduct with this.

  • jacob

    I don’t like her.. it could be very possible that she could do that because a little portion of people do send those types of pictures.. but whatever