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Megan Fox Bikini in this is 40 of the Day

As far as I’m concerned, Megan Fox is 40…she’s a plastic surgery financier, she’s a mom, with a ravaged vagina, and she’s married to her long term boyfriend, which is just boring, settled down, garbage..what you would expect from a 40 year old…..and whether he’s a total loser….at least on paper…and not because he’s with Megan Fox and I am bitter, in fact that’s the only redeemable thing about him, but because he was in 90210 and that’s all he’s been in….it’s boring…but at least it’s in a bikini promoting some bullshit movie you will all see..cuz you’re easily manipulated…

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  • holly

    youre a stupid cunt, megan fox is the shit.