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Jessica Biel’s Got a Good Dress of the Day

Here’s a little Jessica Timberlake…who held out for years to be Jessica Timberlake….cuz you know in the 8 years they were “dating”….Justin Timberlake was at his peak…where he was off having his own REINDEER GAMES ….and I guess when you suck up jealousy and let your man do whatever it is they want to do while you sit at home hoping to get acting work…they decide “shit, I’ll stick it out with this one, even give her the baby she wants, cuz she doesn’t fucking annoy me like all the other jealous bitches out there”…reminding girls everywhere…to let your man fuck other girls…cuz it will make them love you more….

That said, Jessica Biel’s doing a good job making me appreciate her for more than a really fit and muscular body…as she wears this dress braless, probably with pasties..but suggestive enough to make me think I can see her full tit and that’s something fucking magical… TIS THE FUCKING SEASON

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  • SaraLou

    Her mouth looks like a labia. Gross.

  • cowbulls

    Best ass in history. I bet she is crazy great in the sack.