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Kelly Brook’s Lingerie Colllection for Christmas of the Day

Tis the fucking Season to get your wife, love, girl you have a crus on at the coffee shop, a suggestive gift to make her feel sexy, have sex with you, or just get creeped the fuck out by you, but hopefully won’t report you to the authorities, because you like that coffee shop…and it’s part of your routine…..and Kelly Brook, opportunist, who figured out at her young age that Tits get hits…and shit’s worked out pretty nicely for her…life lesson to all the busty girls out there….

She’s promoting her lingerie…the best way she can…cuz tits get hits..and make for a Good fucking time that I am willing to endorse…

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  • AntAttack

    She looks like her pussy really stinks of fish.

  • cowbulls

    I volunteer to check it out and file a full report.

  • Travis

    I like how in the 1st & 2nd pic they try & cheat her monster hips.
    What a whale…