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Miranda Kerr for Terry Richardson of the Day

Terry Richardson posted some pics of Miranda Kerr dressed in some flannel crop top shit to his instagram and being the troll that I am…I wrote something like “My first wife was wearing the same outfit as that the night she was high on meth and shot herself in the face in the backroom at the stripclub”….to which everyone ignored me…

Story of my fucking life…but here are some pics of Miranda Kerr looking relatively amazing…at least compared to my dead wife when she was wearing the same outfit….and now like Terry Richardson and Miranda Kerr…you can ignore me.

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    I thought all of Richardsons models were required to smoke? How disappointing.

  • Rosarch

    Why would someone of her caliber be caught dead anywhere near this pedo?

  • 44-DeForest Buckner

    I hope this man retires anytime in the future, it’s been quite big controversy about man A LOT!

  • AntAttack

    A pedo? He likes taking photos of girls that look like young boys… wait a minute!