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Candice Swanepoel’s Ass in a Thong for Instagram of the Day

The highlight of the Victoria’s Secret informercial was not Candice Swanepoel sucking the dick of the corporation for making her matter…pretty much saying she owed her life to them like a scared battered wife…

But it was listening to her talk…cuz that accent just makes her that much better….and trust me that’s saying a lot coming from me…cuz I hate when models talk…it takes away from their whole being half naked modeling where they belong..

She posted this ass shot to instagram…reminding us that her body fucking matters….and she’s better at doing Victoria’s Secret catalog pics than Victoria’s Secret…cuz Victoria’s Secret despite selling thongs…can’t showcase thongs…INSANE but not as insane as how good this is…

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  • dickfarts

    seems like just yesterday you had pretty much the same post up….oh wait….it was yesterday…STEP IT UP HACK!

  • roscoe

    Amen. I guess VS bankrolls this whole site.

  • Rosarch

    No one gives a shit about this bitch or the fucking creepy pedophile in the post below either.

  • AntAttack

    Yeah, Candice Swampthing is a fucking NOBODY. Although her arse does look like something that should be glorified.