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Candice Swanepoel’s Victoria’s Secret Holiday Lingerie of the Day

I ran into an old friend who I guess visits the site every once in a while, because he asked me why the fuck I always post on Candice Swanepoel, and that before my site he had no idea who she was, and that even now that he knows who she is, he doesn’t really get why I bother posting her catalog pics, he finds it weird and a little excessive…to whice I say…this is only my second Candice Swanepoel post today, and if I do 20 posts a day, that’s only 10 percent of my content devoted to her, which is practically nothing, I mean sure, I could have done posts on the countless other twats who ignore me on social media, you know giving this bitch no play at all, but have you seen her half naked body? This shit is legendary….and that’s all the justifying I’m gonna do about Candice Swanepoel posts til the end of time…cuz if I had my way this site would be the offical Candice Swanepoel fan club…you know the kind of site that gets me arrested when I start following her around the world for exclusive content…you know passion that is misunderstood as stalking….

Here are the hot body pics….for the evil Victoria’s Secret corporation….

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  • cowbulls

    That top picture is one of the sexiest pictures I have every seen.