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Jennifer Lawrence in Vogue of the Day

People like JENNIFER LAWRENCE …..and I don’t really know why.,..I mean I guess in this Vogue Shoot she looks her fucking best, since when I last saw pics of her she was in a bikini, and looked dumpy as shit….you see cuz life is not a Vogue shoot…and the paparazzi aren’t Vogue photographers….and dumpy can’t be photoshopped out….

I kinda hate her, because she’s a fucking sell out….and I’m not punk rock about shit, I don’t shit on anything mainstream, I just think if a girl gets nominated for an Oscar at 15, she can ride that and produce actually quality movies, and still make real fucking money…but instead she signed up to some candy coated billion dollar franchise pile of shit that has little to no integrity…clearly for the money and to become an It girl…and that’s just fucking weak sauce…

But at least she has tits.

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  • Alex

    How are you gonna talk about quality with this fucked up website? Hilarious.

  • Rosarch

    Certified banger.

  • ellegaunt

    Ha! What Alex said. I liked hunger games. She was good. I loved winters bone.
    Lots of actors do popular movies to get paid and less popular movies to get artistic satisfaction, like Tom hanks. she’ll do more awesome stuff, drunken stepfather! Don’t you worry.

  • jacknasty

    Didn’t she just get a Golden Globe and SAG nomination this week for a David o’Russell movie?

  • jen

    I’m assuming that it takes the wise and measured discerning of a grown-ass, male blogger (oh, the success!) to label a 22 year-old hardworking young woman as a “fucking sell out”. It’s not like she sold her acting talents to Wendy’s – she happened to choose a role in a commercially popular movie, which was also critically acclaimed, but let’s not let the facts get in the way of a good story.

    I also did a google search to see just how awful she looked in a bikini, but apparently looking “dumpy as shit” just means looking pretty and fresh-faced and weighing in at 115 instead of 95 pounds. Yay misogyny!

  • sam

    I don’t get it. She’s not attractive at all…what appeal is everyone seeing? it surely isn’t the face or the body.
    oh and shut up about misogyny. get over it

  • Yup Yup

    Hmmm… Well, everyone has a different opinion. I think her face is really pretty and her body is ridiculously sexy. But to each his own.


    Watch her in Silver Linings Playbook. Sexy and sensational!!