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Jessica Biel Timberlake for Elle of the Day

Justin Timberlake’s wife Jessica, who you may remember as being an actress you probably masturbated to… at one point in her life…probably when she was 17 and posing in Details magazine in her underwear….and not into her 20s when she became obsessed with lifting weight….because now that she’s married and 30…it’s safe to say that whole masturbating to her is likely far behind her, you know a thing of the past, thanks to the whole being 30 and the whole marriage leading to babies thing, unless that’s what you are into…which is possible…since people are into all kinds of weird shit…but that I am not into because that 30th birthday is usually the off switch to a woman’s existence….but the fact is that this body, has a great fucking ass…and until that is taken away from us, I’ll keep looking….

This is her spread for Elle Magazine where she poses with designers like some fashionista…now that she’s a celebrity wife…

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  • ronald

    wow shes very beautiful she came maui and won the film festival