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Hicks are Saying Sandy Hook was a Hoax of the Day

This is really fucking strange….

I know some people who have lost kids in the shooting and I am the first person who hates the media and don’t believe anything I am told by the media…it is population control and brainwashing…I believe a lot of the conspiracies….I mean Kim Kardashian proves that the general public buys into shit they see on TV everyday….but I am pretty sure kids were killed in the Sandy Hook shooting…whether planned, strategic, or whatever….They are saying it is to ban guns, for the democrats to win, they are even tying in GE cuz the killers dad was a VP there….

I don’t know what this is all about, I am only posting this cuz it confuses me and I want to hear what you people have to say and that dad, giggling, is just weird.

I believe there were victims…and I believe it is sad….tragic..horrible…etc..even if this dad looks like he’s acting…

Now, back to tits.

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  • job

    this is so fucking stupid!