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Lindsay Lohan in a New R.E.M. Video of the Day

I guess R.E.M. hasn’t died of AIDS yet, because they just released a video OVER 1 MONTHER AGO – that no one gave a fuck about until they realized that Lindsay Lohan was in it earlier today…..

Her cameo is all of 30 seconds and she’s rockin’ her fake porn lips, posing slutty half naked, while people take pics of her….all set to a horrible fuckinbg song that makes me want to get sodomized like I was Michael Stipe and die of AIDS so that I either get where he’s coming from in this pile of shit before not being stuck in a world where this kind of shit exists. Maybe I’m being Dramatic….but I guess that’s just what Lohan’s awesome tits do to me…cuz seeing her star in garbage like this…when she should be staring in Oscar Winning porn movies with me….is a bigger tragedy than her life is….

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  • Rosarch

    She looks high and highly fuckable in this video.

  • Tom