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Kate Upton’s Overrated Bikini Body in the Snow for SI of the Day

I have said it before and I will keep sayign it until someone hears me…cuz I am committed to this cause…and I am not going to give it up or let it go…until what I’ve been preaching comes true….and that is that Kate Upton is an overrated fat chick in training who has a sloppy body, and average at best fat chick face, who’s tits may be big and saggy already at 19, but who will have the rest of her quickly follow…..but until that happens she’s totally hyped up for no fucking reason…other than that people like tits…and don’t get that sloppy tits aren’t fucking hot no matter what size they are…especially when they come stock with a fucking gut….

Seriously, she’s on set posing in Antartica cuz Sports Illustrated grasps that they need to milk her one more year…cuz she gets hits as the public is brain washed into liking her….so they have her up in the snow…and her nipples aren’t even hard…even though it is freezing.,.,.reminding me just how stretched out they are from all her overeating…cuz if you have fuck fat chicks, like I have….you will know…their hard nipples….are barely hard cuz they tape up too much surface area.

She’s low grade pussy at best…stop fucking celebrating her…it is an injustice…Freedom has been attacked.


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  • AntAttack

    Is she pregnant?

  • Amen, JM!

  • timtoast

    dude seriously whats with the fucking zoom in gifs on every picture now

  • Rosarch


  • Jstyle

    If she is even remotely fat in your eyes…then your the biggest fag in the world! Happy dick sucking Christmas!
    That girl is the finest thing going right now except for Francia Raisa

  • roscoe

    She’s average, but way better than your obsessive crush Swinepole.

  • Ken

    Upton has been made for the average WASP virgin teenager, the kind of guys who only like breasts, not enough mature to love hips and butt. A nation who becomes fatter and fatter has new standards of beauty, you see…