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Brittany Palmer is the Real Santa Claus of the Day

In this light, Brittany Palmer’s got a long ass face….which is too bad cuz I have been endorsing her as the hotter UFC girl who makes the UFC less gay of an experience, you know that simple minded strategy, of sticking some implants in the mix to make the gay sex foreplay less gay sex oriented….you know the distraction….in the gangbang you’re having with your boys to remind you that her pussy is what got you into it and not your boy’s cock slamming it….but maybe she always had this weird looking face and I was too busy staring at her fit amazing body….

Either way, she’s festive and bringing joy to the world, good will towards men and she makes for a good excuse to plug my VERY MERRY HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE

Tis the season

Her Santa Outfit was for some MMA promo for some company called GammaLabs that doesn’t pay me to promote them – but that I promote because they get Brittany Palmer dressed in lingerie…

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  • mick

    Brittany in my stocking, or bed, or kitchen, or lounge, or outside, or anywhere. Please Santa.