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Barbara Palvin’s Not Impressive in a Bikini of the Day

I hate to be a hater…actually I don’t hate being a hater at all..cuz the basis of my existence is hating…in as nice a way as possible…but this 18 year old Victoria’s Secret model who has been getting a ton of hype…from walking her first show…to banging Beiber all while confusing me as to where the evil geniuses at Victoria’s Secret even find a teen model to get in their lingerie…and now disappointing me with her bikini body that at 18 is not toned enough for my liking….or busty enough for those hips that can’t lie cuz they are too big…bt I guess at 18 she’s not done growing and this is just her awkward stage…..cuz here she is in a bikini…after what looks like a few too many Christmas dinners / fruitcakes…you know Kate Upton’s diet….cuz it works for Kate Upton….right?!

For the record…to prevent hateful emails on this glorious XMAS Day…i realize she’s still a hot 18 year old…I just don’t buy into the hype…

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  • Brian

    Dude, seriously shut the fuck up. Your commentary is fucking joke. Not tone enough, not busty enough? Are you for real?

    Maybe you should date a 12 year old boy?