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Doutzen Kroes Early with Half Naked Xmas Pics of the Day

I want to have sex with this Holiday picture of Doutzen Kroes…because it is just a picture and not actually her…cuz the actual her has a kid…and everyone knows girls with kids…even if they bounce back with their bodies…have shitty loose fitting vaginas….which isn’t saying much since my micropenis finds all vagina loose fitting…but that doesn’t mean I like lookin’ at it flap in the fucking wind…on set at the photoshoots she gets overpaid on….even if I kinda like fisting it…Guilty pleasures…..

Either way, she’s a solid 364 days early on this shit….but I’ll still look cuz she’s half naked.

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  • Most times someone says they see nipple or bush I rarely ever see it as it ends up being less than a centimeter of it being shown.

    This is one of those cases. I keep looking, and I’m looking REALLY hard mind you, yet I still can not see her pussy lips flapping in the wind.

    I even tried blowing at the screen and still…nothing.

    You owe me a mother fucking wink at the pink Doutzen. Don’t make me try to donkey punch you, the last time I did that I had to get a new monitor, and I hate having to go outside to go to the store.

    That is all.