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JoJo’s Not so Exciting Workout Pics of the Day

Christmas is over fatty…time to get in shape…or pretend to get in shape cuz that’s everyone’s new year’s resolution and you are typical…you know some thing to disappoint yourself and be let down over….everytime you face that pie you are pretending you can’t eat…only that you take 5 pieces of when you break down and give into your cravings…you weak pathetic person….

You should just give up on me, and focus your energy on watching girls work out instead, cuz fit girls turn me on, especially in their tights, and seeing them sweat just makes me think how could they can fuck without getting wiped out…..

So let’s get my new years resolution of watching babes work out more than I did last year started this glorious boxing day – with Jojo…the stupidest name in the game….even if Jojo isn’t exactly what I’d call the fittest ass I’d wanna see squat….but who cares…right?

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