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JoJo Paddleboarder of the Day

I’ve been wondering why JOJO still exists, why people still talk about her, why she has followers, and all that nonsense that makes these celebrities celebrities and as it turns out, it is because of the gays, who generally love all things “Pop” and 90s nostalgic and they are keeping her alive…playing from Gay Club to Gay Club…songs they remember when they were young homos growing into themselves doing song and dance routines at home….for their dad who thought “fuck, I think I done made me a queer”…

That said, she not only appeals to gay people who rememeber the 90s, but also perverts who like tits on their young starlet now that she’s old..

So here she is paddleboarding for you watersports enthusiasts..


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Jojo in a Push Up Bra – Ad of the Day

Tits or not – I can’t believe Jojo still has fans, or gets booked for shows, she is a one hit wonder from the early 2000s, some jailbait that wasn’t even hot, but that perverts liked cuz it was underage…she was so low level, not on some Lohan or Britney shit…but she still exists…

Maybe it’s the tits, or the PUSH UP BRA campaigns that are paying her promote her tits….maybe the perverts follow her because they feel less guilty about jerking off to her when she was famous, like when a Babysitter marries or knocks up the kid they babysat when they are grown ups….if you know what I mean..

If you don’t, here’s Jojo tits.

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JoJo’s Tits Out of the Day

JoJo Topless Tits Covering her NIpples 1

JoJo who you probably remember – because you’re a creepy fucking pervert weirdo…has just mastered the latest kind of topless picture, one I haven’t seen before, that we call “Topless To Show Off and Celebrate Allergic Reactions”….

Most topless pics have a much less creative excuse to seem like it isn’t shameless or attention seeking, but rather just casual and sharing a story, or looking for support from her peers, who have allergic reactions like her…

Trying to not celebrate her weak immune system, to inspire other weak immune systems, to not let their weak immune system make them feel like less of a person or like it is bringing them down….to make them feel inadequate.

Take ownership on the weak immune system, celebrate it and post a topless pic you can polarize like a good strategic ho.

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JoJo Tits of the Day

JoJo Tit Out on Instagram

JoJo pulled her tits out…but barely in a way that matters…but then again if she pulled her tit right out..it wouldn’t be in a way that matters because she’s Jojo and who the fuck cares about Jojo….

I mean maybe there are a few fucking weirdos who fell in love with her many years ago when when she was clickbait or was it jailbait..even though I don’t remember her from then….

I know there are people who are committed to the pussy they connect to in their youth and will forever watch them age, get fucked by black dudes, and try to be hot, despite her face being that of a man…

She ain’t hot…

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JoJo’s Big Thighs of the Day

JoJo Got Them Big Thighs

JoJo’s instagram handle is “I Am Jojo”…in case you forgot….it likely stems from her everyday life…you know she needs to walk around with a sign or maybe a T-Shirt to let them know they are dealing with someone who was famous once…because without that sign or identifier…NO ONE KNOWS WHO JOJO IS….

SHe’s the kind of girl living the glory days of her youth, after her mom sold her to the music industry, and that worked before she fell off and settled down with her black boyfriend…who I guess encouraged her to get fat…and here she is still thick…probably walking around with an iPad to show people old media she did, or old music videos, like when she’s grocery shopping or at the coffee shop…pulls out the iPad and says “I AM JOJO”…..The worst stage name ever…and here is her thick thigh…

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JoJo Instagram Titties of the Day

JoJo Tight black shirt cleavage

We may not know who JoJo is…but I do remember when she was clickbait or was it jailbait many years ago…even though I don’t remember her from then, I don’t remember her songs, I don’t remember anything about her…but I know she has since been on a comeback tour, not accepting being a one hit wonder, sexualizing herself, or doing whatever it is she’s doing…

But I do appreciate when I see the nerds of the internet uniting to fuck with photoshop pictures to make the clothing invisible like it’s their super power….and that alone is hilarious to me..

So whether these are JOJO nipples or not, it’s nice to see crowdsourcing done for good….because nipples and see through shirts…are good.

Here is the photo altered by the internet nerds to show her nipples..weird..

JoJo Altered PHoto

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JoJo’s Yoga Tits of the Day

JoJo Yoga Tits

We may not know why anyone would care about JOJO, and we may not understand why anyone cared about JOJO back when she was an underage popstar back before social media was a thing, because there was a time when JOJO was clickbait jailbait bait….before falling off and spending all her money…

But we do understand what it means to be slutty in a workout, you know while trying to do the healthy and positive thing to live her best life, tits out….especially when it’s part of her second attempt at something that probably shouldn’t have happened the first time around and was just a weird lottery win..

I guess fans / perverts are loyal…

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