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Kelly Osbourne’s Bikini body for Cosmo Body of the Day

This is unfortunate..Kelly Osbourne is in a magazine in a bikini….

I get it…she was way fatter than this and lost weight…let’s fucking celebrate and look at her like she’s some bikini model…when she’s not a fucking bikini model….

I mean the fact is this spoiled brat shouldn’t have been fat in the first place….so now that she’s more acceptable in size they think it’s a story worth discussing…you know to give fat america, who shouldn’t be fat in the first place, but are too lazy to not be fat…thanks to modern commerce….hope that they too can be almost acceptable in a bikini…

But what it comes down to is that she still looks like shit….just in a smaller size….

I am not impressed Cosmo….not impressed at all.

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  • SlapHappy

    Thank god for massive amounts of creative photoshopping. However, no software program can remove stupid from the person.

  • Nancy Villes

    But you’re fat, pale, and pudgy like she is. Is it self-hatred then? I don’t get it. I can tell by the lack of muscle tone in your forearms and your plump wrists. You must be packing some major rolls under that white over-sized tee. You should subscribe to Men’s Fitness and stop making excuses. You’ll definitely want to remove the mask then. This is too help and not hurt you by the way. I think you’re a fantastic human being; you’re just slovenly and obviously lack the discipline to stop eating and pick up some free weights.

  • Travis

    These pictures are disgusting & actually don’t look shopped at all.
    But no amount of photoshop could help this pig…