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Victoria’s Secret 2013 Swim Collection of the Day

I always feel like an idiot when I endorse or promote Victoria’s Secret, knowing that they are a 20 billion dollar a year company, and that I am just buying into their marketing scam, giving them free advertising and promotion, even if only 100,000 people who come to the site today see it, and never buy a Victoria’s Secret product, because girls don’t talk to them, I still know…I’m feeding the fire that is their free publicity angle that made them a 20 billion dollar a year company…and by company I mean evil corporation…..but then I look at the models and their bodies and think to myself that every girl should look like this…and the fact that they don’t is the real crime…and the other real crime isn’t that I am promoting their shit for free..it is that I am not having sex with their women…or women who look like their women….for free…

That said, here’s their 2013 Swim Catalog pics….starring the same gang of women….

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