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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Illegitimate Baby of the Day

Kim Kardashian is 12 weeks pregnant and no one noticed because she’s fat….

The baby daddy is Kanye West and it is safe to say that their whole relationship was based on money and publicity stunts….so this pregnancy is perfectly timed for her next season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians….her millions are based on being a hooker, prostitute pornstar, and just because a baby is in the mix, doesn’t mean her motives aren’t the fucking same…..

I saw this coming, the only shocker in all this is that her uterus can handle baby making, you know when riddled with all that HPV….like most girls over 30…they didn’t get Gardisil before they got fucked by black dudes unprotected in porn…

That said, at least the kid will grow up with a lot of money….a future criminal…who will have SEEN HIS DIRTY PORN MOMMY FUCK SOMEONE WHO ISN’T HIS DAD IN VIDEO WITHOUT A CONDOM and that’s always fun to see play out…These people are the worst example of humanity…

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  • shitdick

    where is an autistic kid with a hunting rifle when you REALLLLLLY need one….

    What? too soon?

  • al bundy

    what an attention whore douche bag………

  • al bundy

    I shutter to think where that tongue has been………..

  • Rosarch

    The Mayans fucked us in the end.