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Rita Ora bikini in Dubai of the Day

Rita Ora is some opportunist poptart that is being packaged as the next Rihanna, and who dated Rob Kardashian, at least in theory, because he claims she was baning 20 other dudes when they were dating, and she claims she only pretended to date him to get on the Kardashian show and to meet Kanye West..you know to help advance her career…

Well now she’s in Dubai on some family vacation where she busted out her big titties in a white bathing suit, a color bathing suit I’ve always liked since seeing how sheer it got on a girl back in high school, you know pussy all over the place in a time when all it took to get off was seeing a pussy….

Either way, she doesn’t matter, she didn’t kill the Kardashians when she had the chance and thus I have said too much, so Hhere she is in her white one piece but more importantly here she is with her fat titties….

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  • shitdick

    why the fuck are they trying to make this 5 into a star? there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING special about this girl whatsoever. Get your roots fixed bitch. Try hitting up a gym for a week or two and get some muscle tone you sloppy cock gobbling whore.

  • Rosarch

    This bitch is fucking ugly, in addition to being totally disgusting for fucking that Rob Kardashian loser.

  • O’RLY

    Bikinis must be much different in Dubai.


    Dunno who those gay boys that have already commented are, but Rita is a fantastic vocalist and has already had 3 Top Ten Hits and is Sexy As F*ck. Rob Kardashian is a NOBODY, Saw him on TV Promoting a line of Socks – WTF???? All that sh*t about Rita came from posts on HIS Twitter Page after SHE dumped HIM and it’s all BULLSH*T. Anybody wants to Diss my post can:
    a) SUCK MY C*CK
    b) KISS MY ASS
    c) DO BOTH

  • Rosarch

    If you want dudes to suck your cock, you are a faggot.