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Lily Cole Scares the Fuck Out of Me Even in a Bikini of the Day

Lily Cole is probably one of the ugliest model out there. She’s a fucking gremlin and the fact that she made money as a model blows my fucking mind….and these bikini pics of her on vacation with billionaire founder of twitter…cuz models like money….don’t help her red pubic hair case…because her face is that of a fucking troll…proving that often times…models…just take good pics under studio and high production circumstances….cuz even watching her lose her top in pictures…is not so flattering…if anything it reminds me why people used to leave their redheaded children out for the wolves…cuz they believed they were the spawn of satan sent from hell….

She must have thought the model scout was clowning her, you know practical joking her when they recruited her…she’s was probably like “sure I’m tall, but really, I was planning on being a telemarketer with lots of cats”….some things in life make no sense…

Here are the pics.

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  • LolleyGagger

    My money’s on they waited until she DIDN’T have a nip-slip.

  • Rosarch

    Seriously, her face is fucking horrible. She is a model for real?

  • Siliso

    She is gorgeous, you can all fuck off

  • Travis

    Sometime ugly is the new pretty. Google Stacey McKenzie.
    Seriously, anything is possible. That said, this is one homely chick…

  • Anonymous

    she is not fucking ugly you stupid cunt.
    it kills me how many narrow minded, shallow fucking ppl there are in this world. like goddamn, im sick of you all.