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Lily Cole Has Something to Say of the Day

Lily Cole Instagram

A while ago, I posted some nude pics of model Lily Cole, who at one point in time, an may still be….they had her full vagina exposed and were really kind of creepy, thanks to her baby face doll head, and the fact that she’s so pale and Irish, ginger and transparent…

Her sister, Elvie, emailed me to take them down, so I asked her to be my girlfriend…and she just ignored me…which hurts me at my core…

But what doesn’t hurt is when Lily Cole crops out her creepy face, to focus on tits, that shouldn’t be model tits, models are supposed to be starving to death…

These are some serious fucking tits…that I guess she wants you to see…because she posted them to instagram…and now I am posting them here…maybe just to get Elvie to notice me again…

Hi Elvie, I like your sister’s tits.

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Lily Cole Topless Shoot of the Day

I am standing by my statements about Lily Cole the other day ….she can get as topless as she wants….I mean FOLLOW THIS LINK

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Lily Cole Scares the Fuck Out of Me Even in a Bikini of the Day

Lily Cole is probably one of the ugliest model out there. She’s a fucking gremlin and the fact that she made money as a model blows my fucking mind….and these bikini pics of her on vacation with billionaire founder of twitter…cuz models like money….don’t help her red pubic hair case…because her face is that of a fucking troll…proving that often times…models…just take good pics under studio and high production circumstances….cuz even watching her lose her top in pictures…is not so flattering…if anything it reminds me why people used to leave their redheaded children out for the wolves…cuz they believed they were the spawn of satan sent from hell….

She must have thought the model scout was clowning her, you know practical joking her when they recruited her…she’s was probably like “sure I’m tall, but really, I was planning on being a telemarketer with lots of cats”….some things in life make no sense…

Here are the pics.

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Lily Cole in Some Movie With a Long Name of the day

If you weren’t planning on seeing “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” because you aren’t into wizards or whatever the fuck this movie is about, here’s what you’re missing out on, not that Lily Cole in a bra is really missing out on much, bitch is fucking weird looking, but she does have orange pubic hair which is exciting for the people who don’t find orange pubic hair a sign of evil sent from hell to eat our cocks….. Hello day!

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Model Lily Cole Gets Rejected from a Club of the Day

Lily Cole is one of those models who gets a ton of fucking work and thinks she’s all fucking that because she spent her entire youth as the tall awkward lookin’ bitch growing up, because she is tall and awkward, but some gaylord in a fashion company decided she had what he needed because she looked fucking strange and it worked with his concept, and all the fucking drones followed his lead giving her more and more work, making her more and more money, and feeding this ego that makes her think she’s not that awkward girl in her school, cuz someone who doesn’t fuck women gave her the stamp of approval and she gets paid for the fuckin’ shit.

So when I see her try to get into a club by the backdoor, because she thinks people care and know who she is, since she’s a model who shouldn’t be a model but who let being a model get to her head and make-up for all the teasing she grew up with, and she gets rejected, I have no choice but to laugh cuz it serves her right…it’s karma for being so ugly and stupidly dressed but thinking you’ve got it going on. I guess we call this a reality check…

If you don’t know who Lily Cole is – Here she is Modeling Naked.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Terry Richardson and Vanity Fair’s Pirelli Calendar Behind the Scenes of the Day

Terry Richardson proves yet again that being a photographer gets you pussy, or at least gets you to hang around hot pussy, especially when you’ve convinced the world that your perverted, amateur style of photography is fuckin’ art and not just perverted and amateur, because your dad was some successful fashion photographer you rode to the top of your game, and really who cares, his shit is at least semi-interesting to look at, especially when the girls in the pics are hipster trust fund trash he’s pulled out of the bar and brought back to his loft to get, but are actually highend fashion models at the top of their game doing the Pirelli Calendar. What it comes down to is we’re all full of shit, the smart ones are the ones who make money off it, or at least get pussy from it, and the nice ones are the ones who share that pussy with the rest of us in pictures….

The modesl you see are Miranda Kerr, Ana Beatriz Barros, Miranda Kerr, Eniko Mihalik, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Catherine M, Abbey Lee, Daisy Lowe, Gracie C, Marloes Horst, Lily Cole, Georgina Stojiilkovic and their tits.

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Lily Cole Was Ugly and Now She’s Fat of the Day

Lily Cole went from supermodel to super fat. Not that she was worth jerking off to to begin with, I mean unless if you like orange pubic haired obscure lookin’ models that give the weird lookin tall girl in high school’s around the world hope of one day being models because the fashion industry is run by gays and they don’t know what real men want but focus on what the clothes need and the whole thing is fucked up.

I guess not as fucked up as her weight gain that I guess is some kind of statement that she won’t starve for the sake of work anymore, or maybe she’s trying to rebel against the only thing she has going for her, in some self-destructive bullshit that wouldd be like me quitting drinking, joining a gym and getting a fuckin’ job, not that that will ever happen, but I’m trying to give you an idea of the magnitude of what is going on in these pictures and I’m not talking about the abuse her pants are going through…

Here are the disgusting fat chicks…

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Lily Cole is a Top Model in Shorts of the Day

This girl gets paid millions of dollars to model clothes and to make girls feel insecure about their bodies because they aren’t in the fashion mags and she is.

When I look at her I see a fuckin’ monster and if I was to cross her on the fucking street the last thing I would do is offer her a modeling contract. I’d either cross the street clutching my purse like I just saw a black dude, or I’d hire her to work in my touring carnival freak show that I’ve been trying to get started up, or maybe I’d just ask her to do porn, because porn is non-judgemental and likes all kind of ugly, just as long as it takes loads on its face, or really on any body part.

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I am – Lily Cole Naked for Paradis Magazine of the Day


So if you don’t know, Lily Cole is a 19 year old model and now you know. These are nude pictures of her for some magazine called Paradis. I am all for chicks getting naked, for whatever reason, whether it’s to take a shit or to get boys to pay attention to them because their dad never did or because they are nudists or even when it’s for art. As long as I see some pussy, even when they have orange pubic hair and flat asses. I’m happy.

The only problem I have with this naked for art and fashion bullshit is that I am not down with the double standard. I post tits on my site everyday and I’m called a porn site and get blocked in schools and offices around the world and shut down by paypal and can’t secure advertisers but when Lily Cole shows off her pussy in a magazine, they end up luring in million dollar ad deals because shit’s considered edgy or artistic because a famous model is being the slut and not some hotter but trashier chick from Florida taking a load inside her.

They call that shit porn, but for those of you who don’t know, which is probaly 95% of you losers, the first step to cumming in a chick is having her get naked. So maybe Europe is more liberal, maybe I’d do well there, but that doesn’t change that you conservative motherfucker’s who are trying to shut me down have probably already closed this post so that your bosses don’t see you lookin’ at vagina when you’re on the clock. I guess it’s all about context, but I’ll still keep on keepin on, because I have nothing better to do.


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