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Eniko’s Got her Tits Out of the Day

Eniko Mihalik is my kind of Hungarian model…cuz she’s busty and always shows her Cold War, Iron Curtain, Built on Communist Values, Down with the USSR, Rationed Bread line, Fall of Communism, hard working, still a Socialist…like Bernie Sanders….but more into capitalism…because it allows her sex work to be well paid….

She’s got a hard manly face, she’s old as fuck and has been around for a while now….but nothing wrong with her bringing out the tits for us to stare at…nthing wrong with that at all.

Her nudity catalog runs deep and has been going on for years…and years and years…which is the benefit of overhyped, marketed as luxury, models who get topless…just so many titty pics to choose from and she’s still contributing to the cause, which is her cause, self serving cunt…but a self serving cunt who shows off her tits and that’s ok.

We are all winners.

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Eniko Mihalik Modeling Shoes on the Instagram of the Day

Eniko Mihalik is old…but she’s my kind of Hungarian model…cuz she’s busty and always shows off her Cold War, Iron Curtain, Built on Communist Values, Down with the USSR, Rationed Bread line, Fall of Communism, hard working, Sex Trade avoiding, but the fashion industry is really the sex trade in tits own right…tits…

I didn’t realize I follow her on instagram, because I follow 7500 whores on instagram, and I’d follow 7500 more whores on instagram if facebook didn’t censor the internet and force you to only follow 7500 people.

But I do…and last night she was showing off her shoes, something I figure you weirdos would be into…high heels for the stiletto fuckers out there…long legs cuz she’s a model…but none of her tits that made her career…because I guess she’s diverse and diversity is in.

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Eniko Mihalik in a Bathing Suit for Marie Claire of the Day

Big news…because Eniko Mihalik has done nude shoots before…is in a magazine…not nude…

I know it’s not actually big news, no one cares about Eniko Mihalik…or what she’s up to…she’s old now.

But she was a titty fashion model, not that kind of titty model who is all low level and attention seeking with her tits, despite being attention seeking with her tits, but rather the kind of titty model who fashion like and throw millions at.

She may not be nude, but she’s old now, but she is in a bathing suit, a one piece which should be more inspiring to older women everywhere, there comes a time you strap your titties in and pack them up and let the young girls bring the tits, while you bring the Jell-O pudding pops or baked goods for the bake sale granny..

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CR Fashion Book 2018 Calendar Starring Some Models of the Day

CR Fashion Book 2018

CR Fashion Book is some pretentious bullshit put out by some ex editor or creative director of Vogue, which in and of itself is a fucking scam, because the fashion industry is a scam, but the general public think it’s important, high brow, interesting, exciting, exclusive, something to be a part of, something to save money to buy, unless you’re arab or asian and you just have access to funds to buy the 10,000 dollar purse worth 10 dollars….

But rich people need purpose, something to strive for, something to be a part of, and that is why fashion industry sucks in the rich kids to keep the rich going…

It’s pretty awful place filled with entitled uninteresting people…but they do put out photoshoots…and here is their Calendar, not saved for trashy Glamous models, anyone can have a Calendar even fashion people…\

Featuring idiots like GIGI hadid, an asian, a black, an arab, Hannah Ferguson and some other trash…here are the high brow important images that dont matter.

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Eniko Mihalik Titties in a Photoshoot of the Day

Eniko Mihalik did a nude shoot..

Big news…because Eniko Mihalik has done nude shoots before…

But as we all know with nude shoots…they are always fresh and exciting even when we’ve seen them before because as a people…we are capable of jerking off to recycled nudes over and over…sometimes for years and years…

As you know being a creepy pervert still wacking off to memories exes, or of High School…not the one you volunteered at to check out the girls…the one you went to..30 years ago…we are capable….of not much…but of jerking off to nudes…even old nudes…more than once..


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Eniko Mihalik’s Posting TITS on Instagram of the Day

Eniko Mihalik snuck her nipple onto Instagram and everyone was happy, and by everyone I mean me, because I have no friends, people don’t like me, and I don’t bother having these discussions with them to determine whether the nipple they see on the social media is a nipple they love, I just think to myself, damn, if people can be posting nipples on social media, and my whole business model was post nipples that of these actors and models because no one was allowed to post them on mainstream channels….like instagram…but now they can…I am officially obsolete….like Blockbuster…because no one cares about what I have to say about the nipple, they just care about the nipple itself…

Life debates, philosophical what does it all mean moments…with myself…something you can probably related to, you chronic masturbating weirdo.

That said – Eniko Mihalik is some 30 year old, pretty well paid, actual model…and clearly she’s lovely.

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Eniko Mihalik Not Nude – But Almost Nude – For Playboy of the Day


Eniko Mihalik is a titty exposing model and she’s in the recent issue of Playboy….not the traditional titty magazine Playboy but rather the new Playboy which caters to pussy millennials who don’t like naked women – because objectifying women and sexualizing women is wrong….unless you’re that titty model, objectifying herself and sexualizing herself on her social media for likes….or I guess for fashion magazines that have women editorial staff and women readers so that the nudity can be deemed empowering for some reason – and not exploitative…even though Hefner’s daughter was the one running the magazine for a while – and women are capable of sexualizing and exploiting other women as easily as men are…not that nude photos are exploitative at all…these bitches choose to do it…it’s more anti-white man typical illogical social justice warrior behavior…

The pics are by David Bellemere, who is loved and is at the peak of his career – shooting top models for everyone everywhere – but who built an audience taking nude pics….including for Playboy prior to the NO nudity clause – while they were rebranding….but not for Playboy now…because that’s wrong…and not ad friendly…so compromise content for advertisers….

It really just blows my fucking mind….but here are the pics of the Hungarian you’ve seen naked before…but not for Playboy – that’d be fucking crazy…

These are from the same shoot but for Playboy Russia – that’s a bit more hardcore.



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Eniko Mihalik and Constance Jablonski for LUI by David Bellemere of the Day


Yesterday I predicted the fucking the future…..when I did a post on ENIKO AND CONSTANCE together in underwear…well now, one day later they are naked in a ex-porn magazine turned naked fashion magazine in what is as aggressive as Playboy was at their worst…before going straight boring…all thanks to hero photographer David Bellemere….who runs that magazine…and runs everything in the nude fashion model space – including some Victoria’s Secret and a bunch of other shit…and it is all thanks to being French from France not seen like a pervert…even though all men are perverts….

Here’s Constance…Constance Cravings…

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Eniko Mihalik Topless with and Constance Jablonski for Etam Fashion Show of the Day


Lingerie company Etam had their 100 year anniversary, which means that they’ve been outtfitting women who can afford Etam….from the high end hookers to the sugar babies of the 1920s trying to seduce bootleggers with their fancy smells and lace…to the sugar babies of dot com billionaires today….a lot of pussy and tit have been seductively covered with their wares….and a lot of period stains, cum shots, a few miscarriages, yeast infections, STDs have graced the fabrics….I’m sure at least one hooker has been raped and killed in ETAM…a legacy that would be interested to follow if only they had cameras attached to every pair…

Well, they had their fashion show and in their show was Eniko Mihalik and her tits…and they looked great…

And Constance Jablonski was also there…..and looked great….

And here’s a totally unrelated lingerie fashion show called God Save Queens….because the ETAM one wasn’t online…

Thank god they aren’t Victoria’s Secret…

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Eniko Mihalik by Bryce Thompson Tits of the Day


Hard faced hungarian…Eniko Mihalik…who is no stranger to modeling topless, and despite looking a bit like a dude, has some decent tits, that are worth staring at, because that’s what tits are made for…just ask any dude…and really, any girl who isn’t bitter about her tits being stared at, who knows that she stares at tits any time she has the chance too…from gym lockerroom, to with her freinds getting ready to party…if she pretends she doesn’t stare at tits…or that it’s any less creepy than when guys stare at tits…she’s a fucking man hater, non equal opportunity pervert…

Which brings up an interesting point about these politically correct people who want equality for all people and genders…unless you’re someone who doesn’t agree with their politically correct equality ideas…in which case they will single you out and call you a pervert, asshole, bigot…which is not very inclusive at all…if anything…one could call that fascist..that you’ll only like me if I have the same ideals as you…despite your ideals being accepting everyone…except people who don’t have the same ideals as you..

Not that that has anything to do with average at best pics of this model who has been naked hundreds of times before, and not just when she fucks or showers, but for her “work”…that isn’t actually work..but that still pays her a lot of money her tits probably don’t deserve…but you can still stare at them..it’s all part of her objectifying herself.

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