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Hannah Ferguson Nipple of the Day

Hannah Ferguson is showing off her nipple – now that she’s lost weight as is an actual fashion model.

There was a time when Hannah Ferguson was just a SI Swimsuit model, which I guess isn’t that big of an accomplishment, since they’ll take anyone, even fat chicks.

But she decided to use her access from SI to lose weight and try her damn best to get into real fashion modeling, it’s more luxurious, less low level trash, you know because the end goal isn’t to be a calendar photo cut out of a magazine in some chop shop or garage…it’s to eat caviar motherfuckers…caviar..

She’s got a rich boyfriend, or husband – I don’t know, and now that she’s out there buying that legit model career she always wanted tits out, which we like, because if you’re a busy model, we want your tits out…so whatever she’s trying to angle…I like this angle…or these angles…all of them…SINCE THERE’s nipple in it…

No longer a sugar baby trying to find athletes to fuck and pay her rent. She’s high end.

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Hannah Ferguson’s April Fool’s Easter Prank Victim of the Day

Hannah Ferguson is a pretty irrelevant model, who started out doing the bikini thing, got skinny and is trying to do the fashion thing, all while dating Hannah Davis Jeter’s rich property developing model fucking brother….you know to give her a baseline quality of life while she’s living her best life, the dream…

Well, like all sugar daddy’s or hooker owners, her boyfriend had a chance to double down on Easter April Fools with what I assume is one of her fears…CREEPY EASTER BUNNY COSTUMES…you’ve seem the creepy easter bunnies, you know how that goes.

They posted the prank video, and I think it was a success…I like that she’s not all done up and posing, it’s a little more authentic than most instagram content, and the prank is well executed…

I think this is what social media is about…not butt shots..even though butt shots are good to keep us all horny as fuck all the time…

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Hannah Ferguson Got Them Tits On of the Day

Hannah Ferguson tits

Hannah Ferguson went to some fashion week event. She’s been trying to polarize her life as a low to mid level bikini model from Sports Illustrated to doing the the whole fashion thing….so she lives in NYC, she goes to Fashion Events, she hangs with other models, and she is pulling it off.

She’s also lost weight, and some tit, even though her tits were her whole strategy when she was doing the cheesy model thing…but now she’s trying to high brow the half nakedness…while still showing off some tits.

I appreciate her hustle, if you get part of the way to where your ego thinks you belong, make the adjustments to get where your ego wants you to be, because no one actually cares enough to stop you.

Living the dream.


More random pics of her from random bullshit…looking better than she did at the event…because I can see her asshole….

Hannah Ferguson Bottomless

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Hannah Ferguson Wrestles a Chick in Lingerie for Fashion on Youtube Yet I’m a Porn Site of the Day

I was trying the Amazon affiliate program to see if I could make some extra money for my addictions…and it lasted 2 weeks…I generated tens of thousands of dollars in sales for them…IN TWO WEEKS and all of a sudden, like a Christmas miracle they cancel my account and hijack my earnings saying that I am a PORN site…

THEY WILL NOT PAY ME WHAT I MADE…because they think this is PORN…even though they all watch throat rape movies…


Maybe it’s because I link to Porn in the StepLINKS…or maybe it’s because I’ve never censored content I find on the internet – because I find the world a ridiculous lie…

Because you are not in compliance with the Operating Agreement, Amazon will not pay you any outstanding fees related to your account. Amazon exercises its right under the terms of the Operating Agreement to withhold fees based on violations, which include the following:

-Your Site contains sexually explicit material. Sites are considered unsuitable for inclusion in the Associates Program if they contain sexually explicit, violent, libelous/defamatory materials or promote discriminatory or illegal activities.

I started in 2004 and it was fucking annoying seeing censorship on the internet…and now there’s pussy on Instagram / Facebook / Youtube / Google and all the big players…making my nipples obsolete…

BUT I am the fucking porn site, posting contnet I find, that’s pop culture and celebrity and not even Gaping Ass, or Weird Fetish videos, the real human experience I am more into that the lie that is pop culture…

Yet Love Magazine can put out a video of a bikini model, who is barely a bikini model, but who is trying to be a fashion model, thanks to being a bikini model…in lingerie fucking beating up another chick wrestling…in provocative poses and Youtube’s like “DOPE CLICKBAIT TO RUN ADS ON THAT ISN’T PORN”…even if it’s more porn than ANYTHING I’ve ever posted.

FUCK YOU INTERNET for robbing me.

Elsa Hosk for Love of the Day

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CR Fashion Book 2018 Calendar Starring Some Models of the Day

CR Fashion Book 2018

CR Fashion Book is some pretentious bullshit put out by some ex editor or creative director of Vogue, which in and of itself is a fucking scam, because the fashion industry is a scam, but the general public think it’s important, high brow, interesting, exciting, exclusive, something to be a part of, something to save money to buy, unless you’re arab or asian and you just have access to funds to buy the 10,000 dollar purse worth 10 dollars….

But rich people need purpose, something to strive for, something to be a part of, and that is why fashion industry sucks in the rich kids to keep the rich going…

It’s pretty awful place filled with entitled uninteresting people…but they do put out photoshoots…and here is their Calendar, not saved for trashy Glamous models, anyone can have a Calendar even fashion people…\

Featuring idiots like GIGI hadid, an asian, a black, an arab, Hannah Ferguson and some other trash…here are the high brow important images that dont matter.

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Hannah Ferguson Bathing Suit Model of the Day

Hannah Ferguson Bathing Suit Model

Hannah Ferguson was a big girl model in Sports Illustrated. Some rich kid with tits who wanted to have the mainstream sports watching man watch her tits half naked and she made that happen because rich girls make things happen…

Well, she’s slimmed the fuck down dramatically, she’s made friends with other models and has moved her way into more traditional modeling world…she goes to fashion week and I guess is working on other goals like Victoria’s Secret..you know mainstream shit..

She’s doing a campaign for Express, catalog pics that bore me, but that are still a bikini model, trying to be a fashion model, for a mall brand, back in bikinis and they can and should be stared at….


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Hannah Ferguson in CR Fashion Book of the Day

Hannah Ferguson in CR Fashion Book in a yellow underwear set

Hannah Ferguson is on the rebrand…

She’s been making huge moves from irrelevant / non existent Sports Illustrated model…who was booking shit like photoshoots for bikini companies and their catalogs…you know irrelevant shit….but she had that audience and was able to polarize it and become fashion industry relevant like she was Rat Cow….known for her tits, audience primarily men, but if she goes to the fashion shows, work at the fashion shows, and trick her photog friends to put her in magazines seen as fashion magazines…girl will be rebranded, the public will believe her and leave it at that…because people don’t invest that much time into these people…..we just accept the tits however they are given to us…in whatever way makes them money…we don’t care.

I mean…fashion or not – this is pretty fucking porny as she simulates dick sucking and eating pussy…you know….silly internet. CLICKBAIT everywhere..

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