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Hannah Ferguson in CR Fashion Book of the Day

Hannah Ferguson in CR Fashion Book in a yellow underwear set

Hannah Ferguson is on the rebrand…

She’s been making huge moves from irrelevant / non existent Sports Illustrated model…who was booking shit like photoshoots for bikini companies and their catalogs…you know irrelevant shit….but she had that audience and was able to polarize it and become fashion industry relevant like she was Rat Cow….known for her tits, audience primarily men, but if she goes to the fashion shows, work at the fashion shows, and trick her photog friends to put her in magazines seen as fashion magazines…girl will be rebranded, the public will believe her and leave it at that…because people don’t invest that much time into these people…..we just accept the tits however they are given to us…in whatever way makes them money…we don’t care.

I mean…fashion or not – this is pretty fucking porny as she simulates dick sucking and eating pussy…you know….silly internet. CLICKBAIT everywhere..

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