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Alicia Keys Nipples of the DAy

Alicia Keys nipples in a pink bra

I would have been happy going through life without seeing Alicia Keys in a weird see through bra top, not that I hate see through bra tops, I am all about see through bra tops, and I don’t turn my back on any girl showing her tits, even if they are photoshopped and you can hardly see the massive nipple on the sloppy tit, I take them all in, but there are women I wouldn’t ask for see through pics of if I had any choice in the matter, which I don’t because no one gives a fuck about my opinion on anything – especially not on Alica Keys being a monster piano master with the voice of an angel…showing some titty….which I guess is still better than her normal behavior…it’s just a sign of the times and the collective willingness of woman everywhere, transcending all races and ages and sizes…exposing tit…and we like it..

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