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Model Lily Cole Gets Rejected from a Club of the Day

Lily Cole is one of those models who gets a ton of fucking work and thinks she’s all fucking that because she spent her entire youth as the tall awkward lookin’ bitch growing up, because she is tall and awkward, but some gaylord in a fashion company decided she had what he needed because she looked fucking strange and it worked with his concept, and all the fucking drones followed his lead giving her more and more work, making her more and more money, and feeding this ego that makes her think she’s not that awkward girl in her school, cuz someone who doesn’t fuck women gave her the stamp of approval and she gets paid for the fuckin’ shit.

So when I see her try to get into a club by the backdoor, because she thinks people care and know who she is, since she’s a model who shouldn’t be a model but who let being a model get to her head and make-up for all the teasing she grew up with, and she gets rejected, I have no choice but to laugh cuz it serves her right…it’s karma for being so ugly and stupidly dressed but thinking you’ve got it going on. I guess we call this a reality check…

If you don’t know who Lily Cole is – Here she is Modeling Naked.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Passive Aggressive Sex Rejection of the Day

I will tell you why this long drawn out video none of you will watch is funny and that is because of the back story I can pretty much guarantee behind this and that is that dude meets a girl and builds up the courage to invite her out on a date, she agrees because she’s not all that hot or used to boys taking the traditional route of trying to wine and dine her. So he puts on his favorite blazer and she dresses up as classy as she can and they go out to a restaurant for a bite to eat. He orders a bottle of wine and tries to get her drunk thinking it’ll make the fuck easier to secure, but doesn’t realize she’s running all these different ways to get out of the awkward moment that’s bound to come where he tries to get in her pants, so she does what any passive aggressive girl who is unsure of herself and scared to offend or rub the guy the wrong way after he so kindly tried his best to fuck her. So she fakes that she’s sick and can’t walk and dude tries to play nice about the whole thing, knowing she only had one glass of wine but still unable to accept that she won’t fuck his lame ass, so he holds her hair, feels her tit a bit all while she sits there about to be sick, but never actually getting sick, because she’s not sick and it’s all just part of her master fucking plan to not give up her vagina despite how badly she probably needs it. To make things worse, bitch is so prude that no only will she not let herself get fucked but she doesn’t know that real drunk people about to be sick is a lot messier than this, with a lot more spitting and dizziness and a lot less put together. Good job though, maybe you can take your acting to The Hills or some shit…..Either way, watch the video because I thought it was funny and it’s my site so I can post what I want to, even if it is shitty original content….

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